My Counselling Approach

My primary therapy style is Person-Centered, in its simplest expression this means I will value you, I will not judge you, you will be accepted for who you are, and I will be transparent and truthful with you. Only you know, underneath what is painful. As a Counsellor I wish to guide a path through your pain and problems, hand in hand. I hope to form a true and trusting bond with you, one where you will feel relaxed enough to talk and discover what is happening for you that is causing imbalance and disruption. From that place, healing and energy can grow. I will listen to you.

At the heart of my therapy with you will lie the Person-Centered philosophy. Although as an integrative therapist I will work to tailor our Counselling sessions to you or your child’s individual needs. This means that I will draw on other avenues of psychotherapy to support your healing process, so you can move forward to where you want to be as soon as possible.


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