I would like to thank you from the heart for all you have done to renew my relationship with my Daughter Poppy Jo. Through your listening to our situation I felt you were not only taking in the words but understanding them. Through these sessions you were then able to offer resources and recommendations whilst also respecting both my daughters and my challenging situation. I was so pleased with how you personally connected with Poppy Jo and gained her trust. Poppy saw you as a friend and embraced and enjoyed her conversations with herself. It really helped her understand what an 11 year old could not process and communicate without your assistance. The sessions felt like speaking with a friend aswell as with a professional family therapist and as an independent of the situation you could engage with Poppy in a relationship that was not available without your assistance, giving us both choices and discussing these at both a child’s understanding and to myself as an adult and distilling concepts and explaining symptomns in a way that Poppy and myself were able to understand. Mostly you earnt the trust of both of us very quickly working through challenges that arose between us and applying solutions within the therapy sessions. I would personally recommend yourself to any others in a similar situation as myself and my daughter wanting to establish, maintain and improve a relationship and understanding between Father and Daughter”Client- Family Therapy- J Edwards.

” I want to say a massive thank you, although no amount of words will ever adequately express my true gratitude. You’ve helped and guided me through some of the most painful experiences of my life and released so much heaviness that I was clinging onto. I can breathe easier, move with more confidence than ever and know to listen and trust my intuition in all circumstances. You have not given me a voice, but have helped me to rediscover the voice I thought i’d lost, and I am eternally grateful. You are a wonderful human and will always hold a special place in my heart! “- Client- K Baines.

“From the very first session, I felt welcomed into therapy by Lucy’s warm and encouraging approach. I never once felt judged or embarrassed when sharing how I felt and I quickly became comfortable opening up to Lucy. It was just like talking to a friend. Lucy has helped me to explore my childhood experiences and how they may have affected my present. I found the attachment therapy and inner child work she offered to be particularly useful and interesting. I believe that through my sessions with Lucy, I now have a better understanding of who I am and a more compassionate relationship with myself and for that, I will always be grateful. Thank you so much for everything. Your sessions really have changed my life. You have honestly helped me immensely”- J Pearce- Client.

I can’t recommend therapy will Lucy enough. I’m a counsellor myself and finding the right fit for me in terms of someone I’d feel comfortable with who also has the knowledge and skills to help me was key and Lucy definitely exceeded my expectations. She’s a wonderful, warm therapist who helped me tremendously. Therapy can be nerve racking for anyone but Lucy really took the time to make me feel at ease and it made talking about difficult things easier and heavy topics a little lighter. I’d strongly recommend anyone seeking a therapist to consider Lucy.”- M Atkin- Client

”Lucy has created the safe space that I needed in order to free myself to explore my past, as well as its links into the present. Her warmth and good listening skills, along with her insights into attachment styles and her person-centered approach, were so important in giving me the courage to go through therapy for the first time in my life. Lucy helped me see the issues from multiple angles and brought up new perspectives with kindness, while also encouraging me to be honest with myself by pinpointing potentially unhealthy thought patterns.
She allowed me to follow my stream of consciousness, and her help in untangling the mental loops that my mind had been caught up in was so valuable. I have made a lot of progress in learning to make peace with myself, and I thoroughly recommend Lucy to anyone looking for support in their journey towards healing!”- Laura A-Client

“Lucy has provided her counselling services to adults and children alike for a few years now and we only have positives to say about her!! She has not only provided excellent, person-centred approaches but she has proven to be flexible and has fit into our school culture and ethos. She is always creative and sensitive in her work and it is clear that professionalism and the client’s well being is the ultimate priority. She is always willing to go the extra mile and has led meetings, is willing to provide training and give on the spot advice when necessary. The client is always at the heart of everything she does. Her whole presence is calming and open and she is always very easily approachable to help in whichever way she can. I cannot recommend Lucy highly enough!”- Janet V- SENCO at a Comprehensive Primary School”

Really appreciated Lucy’s help, I feel so positive about how far I have come with her help. If I hadn’t had Lucy as a Counsellor I strongly feel that I would have been too worried to come off the medication. I really loved the help Lucy gave me and I will miss her, thank you Lucy”- Emma G- Client

“Of all the people I have seen since my illness, both Counsellors and social workers, Lucy was the best. I felt completely comfortable talking about deeply personal issues and she made the environment welcoming and judgement free. Having this space helped me address these issues which improved my condition and wellbeing. Lucy suited my needs perfectly and she is the kind of person who can adjust to fit your requirements. I always left our sessions feeling more positive than I did before. I thoroughly recommend Lucy to anyone seeking professional help- Guy M- Client